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I began my journey into candle making in 2020 at a time where I began to pursue a spiritual practice that felt authentic and came naturally to me. Candle and color magic are pillars of my spiritual practice and I'm blessed to be able to share these  little meditations with others.  My candles  are made from 100% soy wax and curated blends of essential oils. These container candles are often adorned with flowers and herbs chosen to accentuate both the fragrance and intention of the candles. I create custom made to order candles (single, small batch, and wholesale). Custom prayer candles are among my favorite commissions to execute. I prefer hand drawn and written labels but have also created labels using digital drawing techniques. Feel free to fill out the form on my information page to request a quote for custom candles.

Movie Night Collection:

Movie Night was a limited edition collection of candles  and passion project (NFS/SOLD OUT). I wanted to pay homage to the horror genre and Halloween season. The themes and cinematography found in the horror genre is extremely foundational knowledge and inspiration for me as an artist. For the project  I designed three unique scents and comic strips inspired by classic horror cinema.

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